Career Highlights


· Planned, executed, monitored and controlled projects, all totaled more than $870 million.

· Spearheaded new business trial program with P/L responsibility, netted 52% annual ROI.

· Led and directed design team, engineered product, manufactured in Asia for 25% of cost in US.

· Managed and streamlined development of purchase agreements worth $527 million NPV.

· Procured, owned, and modified zoning and entitlements for property earned 47% ROI in one-year.

· Devised strategic plans and verified key performance indicators for $190 million construction.

· Represented firm with clients, investors, and  partners on REIT portfolio valued at $68 million.

· Established plans and ensured completion of 90+ projects within scope, cost, and schedule.

· Coordinated, delegated and validated assignments for as many as 100 key Stakeholders for each project.

· Reviewed and approved monthly bank requisitions for $322 million high rise construction projects.

· Engineered design, reduced risk of unplanned nuclear power plant interruption cost of $2 million daily.

· Directed and managed $3.1 million Research and Development (R&D) of new Load Control, DA, SCADA using smart grid technology with Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

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Career Highlights

Joseph Garcia

Principal Management Consultant

Joseph Garcia

Phone: 305.219.1441

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