Technology Assessment Project Manager / Senior Analyst


Promoted to Technology Assessment; optimized and conducted technical and business feasibility studies on advanced technologies for products and services that control energy, demand, and savings. Analyzed technical, economical, logistical, and measurable data and discerned viability of energy saving proposals, concepts, and equipment, and publish results for company-wide edification.

· Investigated effect of changing system voltage regulation by 2%, enabled selling or saving additional 300 MW capacity.

· Worked with FPL’s Electric Vehicle (EV) expert and orchestrated municipality’s use of Hughes EV charging station for General Motors EV-1  “PrEView” car for debut in South Florida .

· Evaluated Praxair, Inc.  membrane technology package systems used to harvest nitrogen and oxygen for local facility installation to replace the more energy intensive cryogenic process to receive custom energy incentive.  

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Joseph Garcia

Principal Management Consultant

Joseph Garcia

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