New Product Development Project Manager / Analyst


Led, managed, and streamlined business operation of new service offering to combine company electric and municipal water meter reading functions. Controlled and maximized cost efficiency of programs’ existing corporate resources and processes as well as initiated change and improvement of human resources activities for sub-contractors’ staff. Enforced policies and standards, incorporated consumers' needs into new product development, maintained company’s integrity in the community, and managed program to operate within prescribed time, scope, and overall fiscal performance.

· Facilitated business growth and proposed win-win strategy, using creative technical acumen and intuitive business savvy persuaded and influenced 100% of selected municipalities in participating with new service offering.

· Handled Profit & Loss responsibility, spearheaded advanced new business pilot efficiently merged similar client with company functions, created synergy, netted 52% ROI in one year.

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Joseph Garcia

Principal Management Consultant

Joseph Garcia

Phone: 305.219.1441