Load Management ( LM )

Project Manager


Focused and engaged in the negotiations of R&D royalty fees, equipment costs, new technology development and demonstration contract with Metricom, Inc. a California based company. 

Metricom, through this project, designed a unique Load Management (LM) equipment prototype, using Metricom’s existing power line carrier (PLC) and de-classified military wireless radio communications technologies, to control air conditioning, water heater, and pool pump operation during times of high electrical demand. 

Represented FPL, directed the day-to- day execution of organizational program policies, drove and coordinated strategic direction of entire project function, integration, installation and on-site demonstration, systematized field experimental design, processes, procedures, and ensured reliability of systems. 

Hosted technology meeting and prepared, presented and demonstrated unique solutions to peers and counterparts from other utilities (Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas and Electric, Boston Edison, and NJPS&E); published details and comprehensive reports; and provided final recommendations.

· Led and directed R&D project, recruited 1000 customers to participate in the project, enforced strict compliance of all requirements and encouraged manufacturing teams to aggressively test system equipment that met or exceeded expected results and earned UL Listing for new load control device; project valued at $3,100,000.

· Directed, trained, and supervised company and third party field crews on installation and configuration of three commercial rooftop antennas, 300 pad mount, pole mount, and vault radios, 500 automated meters, and 500 LM devices to control water heaters, air conditioning and pool pumps throughout Miami Area.

· Collaborated and participated in negotiations of R&D royalty fees with new technology company, investigated technology  viability to serve as alternative source for load management equipment, leveraged sole source’s perceived competitive threat and reduced cost of sole source’s equipment by 50%.

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