Project Manager

Groupe Pacific (GP)

- Aventura, FL  (6/2005 - 12/2007)

Managed, oversaw, and streamlined high rise building construction and development activities for one of North America’s most experienced real estate organizations. 

Directed, managed and coordinated architectural (building, interior design, landscaping and irrigation), engineering (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, civil, fire sprinkler, fire alarm, emergency generation, fuel storage, security, and CCTV), utility (meters, electrical, natural gas, telecommunications, potable water, sewer, fire department connections, hydrants, surface drainage) and governmental (temporary structures, means of traffic, and code compliance) professionals, as well as staff, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants that ensured completion of projects within scope, budget,  schedule and quality.

Provided strategic project direction, monitored progress in each project phase; performed day-to-day site visits, identified efficiency improvements, and resolved issues; applied communication and motivational techniques to effectively direct, increase productivity and expedite completion of projects. 

Inspected and verified construction site conformance to drawings, specifications, and contracts; monitored financial performance; evaluated contract change order claims, reviewed costs and approved appropriate contract change order, loan draws, and bank payments.

· Managed design team, consultants and contractors, inspected projects, reviewed costs and lien waivers, and approved multimillion dollar draws presented monthly to the Bank involving design and construction management of two luxury 48-story, mixed-use, multi-family, high-rise buildings; company earned $270 million in revenue.

· Led and directed architectural, engineering and inspection professionals on construction issues, as well as design of unique futures including stairs and glazing manufactured in Latin America and Asia at 40% to 60% of domestic manufacturing cost.

· Analyzed, formulated and resolved contract change order claims through detailed and impartial review of drawings, cost, labor, specifications, escalation, material, scope, and errors and omissions; saved $800,000+.

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Joseph Garcia

Principal Management Consultant

Joseph Garcia

Phone: 305.219.1441

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