Transmission Substation Project Engineer


Thoroughly planed, tracked, estimated, and developed budgets; designed, engineered, purchased and constructed (EPC) projects; monitored and ensured progress of each project, maximized cost efficiency, solved engineering problems, and promptly addressed Transmission and Distribution (T&D) field questions for assigned 69kV, 138kV, 230kV, and 500kV projects located through-out FPLs territory. Consistently archived and exceed goals, earned promotion, and received assignment to design team of the largest substation project at the time.

 Repaired and improved engineering design of fire damaged substation terminal, eliminated same failure recurrence, managed risk, and reduced probability of unplanned nuclear power plant interruption estimated to cost as much as $2,000,000 daily.

 Engineered and ensured project completion within promised parameters for assigned Substation expansions, modifications and new design and construction projects all totaled $31 million.

 Achieved and exceeded goals consistently, designed and built substation projects within time, scope and budget, earned promotion and assignment to work on the design and construction of the largest 500kV substation project at the time, estimated to cost $25 million.

* Multiple jobs in more than 20 different substations involved fence, fill, grade, drainage, culverts, access roads, asphalt, signage and parking. The work included foundations, grounding grid, cable trenches, line terminal towers, mechanical and motorized switchgear, carrier traps, oil and SF6 breakers, capacitor bank, auto-transformers, lightning arrestors, insulators, bus, control house (installation, reconfiguration, and addition), battery systems, control equipment, lightning protection systems, telecommunications, fiber optic overhead ground wire system project.

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Joseph Garcia

Principal Management Consultant

Joseph Garcia

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