Owner / Land Developer

Project Venture

 - Miami, FL (1986 - 1987)

Identified opportunity, drove entitlement process, sought re-zoning, easement and variance approvals, presented plans at County Commission hearing for multi-single-family home construction.  Executed mandates ordered in Commission’s Resolution.  Refinanced, purchased, designed, laid out, planned, surveyed, and platted new subdivision. 

· Demolished existing structures, engineered development, installed infrastructure including fill, grade, pavement, road, sewer, water, fire hydrant, drainage, electric, telephone, cable, signage, striping, drainage construction bond and landscaping work.

· Examined options and sold ready for construction subdivision for a 47% ROI, all within one (1) year’s time.

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Joseph Garcia https://profiles.google.com/josephgarcia03/

Principal Management Consultant

Joseph Garcia



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